Nomination Process

Each year there are up to 25 Neubauer Family Assistant Professors at the University of Chicago who represent the top of their fields. Neubauer Family Assistant Professors can come from any academic field and should be among the top handful of scholars in their disciplines. In order to receive a Neubauer Family Assistant Professorship, an individual being considered for faculty appointment as a first term Assistant Professor is nominated by the dean of the appropriate division or school.

Nominees will not know if they are under consideration for a Neubauer Family Assistant Professorship. In the case that a nomination is recommended and succeeds, the individual will be notified by the Office of the Provost.

  1. Deans make their cases to the vice provost for select outstanding early-career scholars with nomination packets of a single PDF that includes:

    • A nomination letter from the dean
    • A standard academic appointment memo
    • The candidate’s CV
    • The candidate’s writing samples
    • The candidate’s letters of recommendation


  2. A selection committee comprised of senior faculty at the University of Chicago considers nominations and makes the final decision regarding distribution of the awards.
  1. The provost or vice provost notifies successful candidates that they have been named.
  2. The vice provost calls the candidate to describe the program and the award.
  3. The vice provost provides a letter to the scholar describing the program and funding.
  4. The new Neubauer Family Assistant Professor receives full access to the mentorship, community, and resources of the Neubauer Family Assistant Professors Program as of the scholar’s appointment start date.

Neubauer Family Assistant Professors are appointed for a five-year period. In addition to the named assistant professorship, they receive  enhanced research support. They also receive one year of leave or funds to invite collaborators to campus.

Neubauer Family Assistant Professors become part of a multidisciplinary cohort upon entry and part of the alumni network upon program completion. During their appointment, they take part in dedicated programmatic events, including an annual named lecture series for current professors to promote their research.

Current Neubauer Family
Assistant Professors