Pascal Noel

Pascal Noel

Pascal Noel was named a Neubauer Family Assistant Professor in 2017. His research interests include household finance, public finance, macroeconomics, real estate, and behavioral economics.

Noel’s research has earned him high praise in his field, including the AQR Top Finance Graduate Award and the David A. Wells Prize for Best Dissertation in Economics at Harvard University.

Universities in both the United States and London have hosted Noel’s lectures on economics and finance. The recipient of numerous fellowships and research grants, Noel earned Harvard University’s Certificate of Distinction in Teaching four times.

Before enrolling in graduate school, Noel worked as a senior policy advisor at the White House National Economic Council, focusing on housing and financial markets.

He received bachelor’s degrees in economics and in ethics, politics, and economics from Yale University, a master’s degree in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a PhD in economics from Harvard University. 

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