Adom Getachew

Adom Getachew

Adom Getachew was named a Neubauer Family Assistant Professor in 2017, after serving as a University of Chicago Provost’s Career Enhancement Postdoctoral Scholar. A finalist for both the Princeton University Society of Fellows and Harvard University Prize Fellowship in Economics, Politics, and History programs, Getachew has given lectures across the country on modern political thought, the history of international law, and black political thought.

Getachew’s work includes articles contributed to Political Theory and The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Political Theory, as well as the Journal of Politics. In her book Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination, she examines the political thought of Black Atlantic anticolonial nationalists during the height of decolonization in the 20th century.

A member of the American Political Science Association Conference for the Study of Political Thought and the Social Science Historical Association, Getachew is the recipient of a number of fellowships and grants.

Getachew earned a bachelor’s degree in government and foreign affairs and African American studies from the University of Virginia. She holds a joint PhD in political science and African American studies from Yale University.

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